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POWERtalk has it all! - from A to Z


1 A Accreditation program - a great way to track your progress
2 B No political, social, economic, racial bias
3   Training in body language and gestures
4 C Conventions with an international flavour
5   CLO network - a great way to stay in touch worldwide
6   Chances to serve on committees and be coached by the best
7   Certification programs - speech contest judges, short course trainers
8   Clubs - the basic components of the organization
9   Council meetings - the first chance to practice with a larger audience
10   Our Creed - to foster free and open discussion on all subjects
11   Promotes community involvement
12 D Focus on learning by doing
13   Debates and panel discussions
14   Division VPs - great champions
15 E Effective evaluations - a fantastic encouragement
16   POWERtalking e-magazine - very professional
17   Extension manual & starter kit - great help in starting a new club
 18 F Lifelong friendships made - "need I say more"
19   Fellows of ITC - la crème de la crème
 20 G Training in how to present/accept a gift - very useful
 21   Personal growth
22 H An inspiring History - since 1938
 23 I Information on any topic - as evidenced by great educational features
 24   Bright ideas are rewarded
 25 J Joining mid-year is a breeze with reasonable, prorated fees
26   Training in when and how to tell a joke or story
27 K Our crackerjack "Kiwi" team
28 L Leadership training
29   Improved listening skills
30   POWERtalk logo - very sharp
 31   Letter to your employer with each Accreditation level achieved
 32 M Mentoring by top-notch members
33   Training in how to deal with the media
 34   Our Motto - to love our language and use it with grace and facility
35 N Networking opportunities
 36 O Orientation programs - a wonderful way to welcome new members
 37   Improved Organizational skills
38   Online shopping and dues payment - makes it so easy
 39 P PREM committees at all levels
 40   Positive feedback
41   Lessons in head table and flag Protocol
42   Learning parliamentary procedure and effective meeting procedures
43   Training in platform presence
44   Lots of opportunity to practice skills
45   Project tracking charts to measure progress
46   Progress at your own pace
47   Professionalism of the members
 48 Q Quality training - second to none
49 R Recognition of a job well done
50   Region conferences - training and networking opportunities
51   Roundtable evaluations and discussions
52   Training in how to write reports
53 S POWERtalk Short Course - great for recruitment and existing members
54   Training in speech construction and delivery
55   Speech contest - for those who enjoy competition
 56 T Travel far and near
57   Learning the advantages of teamwork
58   Ten Tips - back to the basics
59   Table Topics - a fun way to practice impromptu speaking
60 U Uncompromising standards - expect the best to get the best
61 V Training in vocal effectiveness
62   Training in the use of visual and technical aids
63   Variety in programs
64 W Workshops - learn from others, then advance to teaching others
65   International Website - very professional
66   Writing contest - we're not just about public speaking
67   Willingness to share knowledge and experience


X Meeting members from around the world - a great cure for Xenophobia
69 Y Young and old are welcome - there is something for everyone
70 Z Zenith program - a great way to target the youth market



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